Grupo de Pesquisa Realidades

2nd International Research Groups Meeting

The 2nd International Research Groups Meeting: Convergences between Art, Science and Technology & Mixed Realities was a moment of discussion about the Convergencies between Art, Science and Technology, the common point between the various theoretical and practical works undertaken by the GIIP researchers. The event was held as a partnership between UNESP and USP, through the research groups GIIP, led by Prof. Dr. Rosangella Leote (IA-UNESP) and the Realidades group, led by Prof. Dr. Silvia Laurentiz (ECA-USP), with periodicity and alternating annually, once this was the second meeting, it brought together partners that were present at the time and those who were only available online. It was a moment of internal debate, and the event was intended only for the researchers involved. Divided into two working sessions, members of the groups presented the results of their researches, and pointed to new developments.

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