From virtual to augmented and mixed reality environments; from cybrid  modalities to the ubiquitous computing; from representations to the emulations and simulations, we can find a broad spectrum that contemplates games, websites, interactive art and installations, and that challenge and redirect the term reality.

In an era that is characterized by an increasing complexity, we question how to coherently tackle the systems that give us access to the ‘semiotically real’ (cf. Jorge Vieira Albuquerque) that, at least for now, will be referred to as ‘reality’.

This research group aims to periodically:

  1. Make publications possible and/ or facilitate meetings and seminars on the topic under the art perspective;
  2. Compile a significant number of documents and create a collection on subject, intending to contribute and support the development of several Master dissertations and Doctorate theses;
  3. Produce primary research sources (interviews and testimonies of artists and those who are part of of the artistic and cultural milieu, whose trajectories are relevant to the art and technology studies and that serve to justify mixed realities issues), which will be released on the Internet or made available for the academic community under any other format that grants free access to these researches;
  4. Invite researchers, professors and art specialized in art and science issues to participate and occasionally join the group depending of the specific area being studied;
  5.  Present the partial and final results of these researches undertaken by this group to the community, in order to create a tool for continuous evaluation of their results.
Silvia Laurentiz – Group Coordinator