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Enigma 3.2 – φ: An Enigma for Gibson

RiderEnigma3.3Enigma 3.2 – φ: An Enigma for Gibson

Realities Group

Silvia Laurentiz, Marcus Bastos, Loren Bergantini, Sérgio Venâncio.

This work poetically explores issues of the visual perception, in the context of the ecological perspective proposed by James Gibson. Gibson argues that the environmental properties are detected and spatially interpreted based on both variance and invariance of the light. In our installation, the images captured by a camera are processed by an algorithm ( capable of detecting brighter regions in the continuous recording flow. These lighter regions generate data that are transformed both in two channel sound textures and bidimensional drawn lines, over which a stereoscopic effect is subsequently applied. The tridimensionality is resumed by the use of anaglyph glasses (composed of red and cyan filters) and by the placement of speakers in space. Nevertheless, the result space tridimensionality is far from our normal experience.