Grupo de Pesquisa Realidades

AR Coronae Borealis

Realidades Group (Bruna Mayer, Clayton Policarpo, Dario Vargas, Karol Pinto, Letícia Brasil, Loren Bergantini, Marcus Bastos, Miguel Alonso, Paula Perissinotto, Sergio Venancio, Silvia Laurentiz)

Access the Instagram Page: is necessary to have the Instagram application installed on your phone, in the latest version. The filter may not work properly on all types of devices)

AR Coronae Borealis is part of the series “when the stars play”, started in 2019 by the Realidades Group. The set of multimedia works deals with data visualization and interpretation of information about constellations and stars, particularly those of variable magnitude, that is, those stars that show variation in their brightness over the years. The information and data used for the series are available in the database of the American Association of Variable Star Observers ( Based on these measurements, the authors propose a path between images and waves: the variation of the brightness of a star is compiled by software that generates sounds; the sounds modulate images that reflect light about and to the stars.

The constellation Coronae Borealis is described in ancient mythologies as the crown offered as a wedding gift to Ariadne by Dionysius, with which he immortalizes it. The variable star R Coronae Borealis, which makes up the constellation, was the starting point for a poetic and research process at a distance from the Realidades Group , because of the pandemic situation in 2020. While the first work in the series “when the stars touch”, R-Scuti of 2019, suggested us to listen to the images and their changes in time, AR Coronae Borealis indicates a will to remain: to be and survive in time.

This work was created from the Augmented Reality (AR) intervention, with access by Instagram social network. The star’s magnitude data are inserted in other programs to configure sound and visual patterns and perform the interaction design. The artistic work is also characterized by interaction with social networks, allowing participation at a distance and independent of the need to install new applications, interspersed as a poetic proposal with daily moments, natural, of people who are already immersed in these networks. Therefore, Spark AR Studio software was used to develop a filter that integrates with Instagram social network and thus allow interaction of users who use it on a daily basis.

(Collaborating astronomer: Rodrigo G. Vieira)