Grupo de Pesquisa Realidades

1st International Research Groups Meeting

The 1st Meeting of Mixed Realities – Augmented Reality, Games and other Images took place in August, 2010. Included a lecture by Professor Doctor Paulo Bernardino. In the afternoon, the surveys carried out by the formant groups – Grupo CAT, GIIP, and Realidades were presented. The purpose of the meeting was to share experiences, researchs and practical work. The intention of this event, in addition to sharing research information, is to find common points, conceptual mergers and trends, also contributing to future partnerships and interinstitutional projects. Also among the objetctives of this meeting: present to the community partial and final results of the research developed by these groups, in order to create an instrument for the continuous evaluation of their results. The guest speaker, professor and artist, came to provide an opening of bonds and enrichment for the specific area that was being researched.

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